Friday, 24 January 2014

Music Picks: First top 10 of 2014

Hey guys! So here are my first music picks of 2014 although some of the songs are much much older! I hope you enjoy them and give them a listen,they're some of my personal favourites. Also I would like to say thankyou to regular readers/viewers as I have got more views than I thought I would which means alot that people actually want to read the stuff I ramble on about! So please keep telling me what you think, share my page around if you enjoy it etc. I am thinking about maybe doing a giveaway/competition thing when I reach my goal for followers? If you would like something like that.? Anyway back to my music picks.

Beyonce- Drunk in Love (Link Here) One of my favourite songs at the moment (obviously), I love Beyonce's new album and was just as surprised as everyone else when she dropped it. I love the indian raga style part at the start of the song and love how she fuses different styles of music. Beyonce looks gorgeous as always in the video and I really like this song especially the fact Jay-z is in it too. It's my new jam and such a good song for dancing,even though I can't dance oops.

Childish Gambino- 3005 (Link Here) I instantly loved this song from the first time I heard it, I'd never really heard of Chldish Gambino before this but now I am in love with his music. If you like Frank Ocean he is definitely for you. It seems everyone in my year at school loves this and it's a fave with all the cliques which is very rare so shows what a good and catchy song it is. Plus the video shows him on a ferris wheel with a Teddy Bear, what else could you want?

Luke Friend- Commitments (Link Here) Everybody knows I love Luke Friend,everything about him is just lush. I love his original songs and I have had one of his other originals in my picks before. I love this song as it is very honest and it just means a lot to me, plus I'm hoping to see Luke in concert sometime this year so it's pretty exciting. Definitely check this out

Kodaline- High Hopes (Link Here) This is my sad song if I'm honest for listening to snuggled up in a blanket when I feel rubbish , it's kind of positive in a weird way. I love kodaline though they are literally my saviours, this is probably the most well known song of theirs. It was also pretty much the first song I bought on itunes when I got my new Iphone at Christmas. I just love it.

The Maccabees- Toothpaste Kisses (Link Here) Is one of my all time favourite songs, it's just so cute and happy! It's quite an old song now but I love it and listen to it pretty much everyday. And to make it even better it is in the Angus,Thongs and Perfect Snogging soundtrack too, which is one of my favourite films and probably up there as one of the ultimate chick flicks! But yeah so this song plays with Robbie and Georgia holding hands awh!

Lorde- World Alone (Link Here) I'm a pretty big Lorde fan and this song is one off my Iphone too. I like the lyrics and just the whole song in general, plus it's more of unknown song of Lorde's and is really underrated. I really like that again like Luke Friend her lyrics are honest and she's not afraid to right about the bad in society too. We're dancing in this world alone :-)

One Direction- Happily <acoustic>  (Link Here) One of my favourite songs from Midnight Memories album, I chose the acoustic version because I stumbled across it while looking for the normal version a couple weeks ago and am now in love with it! I like the banjoes in it (yes I'm weird) which is probably the influence of going to bluegrass festivals last year :P But seriously this version is amazing and shows that the boys have crazy talent, Zayn's high notes though.

Beyonce ft Drake- Mine (Link Here) Yes all bow down to Queen Bey as she makes another appearance in my picks. I am in love with this song as both her and Drake are my faves. This song mixes different styles too and I love the ' you wanna roll wit a good girl bit'. I am addicted to this song and even though I'm horrendous for switching songs before they end, I can honestly say I listen to this one all the way through and it's like 6 minutes long! "This is the song for the good girl"

Jason Derulo- Trumpets (Link Here) I like this song not for the lyrics or meaning but just because it's a good dance track and upbeat and makes me in a good mood. Got to say I'm not a huge fan of the video though, I find it's a bit objectifying of women but that's just my opinion :-) Also a little bit weird that he hears trumpets? But yeah it's still a good jamming tune.

Snow Patrol- You Could Be Happy (Link Here) So this is another song I listen to when I'm a bit sad and again it's an oldy but a classic. I love snow patrol as a band with a really chilled out sound and I like that this song kind of sounds like a nursery rhyme at the start. It's also off my favourite album by them ' Eyes Open' and I love the vocals and lyrics in this,it's just soothing and real.

So those were my picks, thanks for reading and check them out and tell me what you think, or tell me what your favourite songs are? As I said at the start if you comment, share this around or even just view it then I would greatly appreciate it and thankyou to everyone who has supported me so far, this is just the beginning. As I said I think I am going to do a competition/give away of my favourite things when I reach my goal followers too! Also don't be afraid to contact me I'm always here as your honourary sister!
Georgie xx

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Sunday, 19 January 2014

A Belated Happy New Year

So firstly I would like to say happy new year to everyone and I hope you had a lovely Christmas! And secondly I want to apologise for not posting in ages,but I do have my reasons. So as some of you may know I moved house on the 20th of December, being 5 days before Christmas it was extremely stressful and busy so I didn't have to time to write then. Then when I got to the new house I found out that we wouldn't have Internet connected until the 27th! The day I was going to Cornwall. So now I am back and have drafted a few posts to make up for not being here which will be posted probably today.
Now that's over with let's get back to Christmas! I hope you all had a great day whether you celebrate it or not. What did you get up to? Any favourite presents? I'd love to hear from you. I had a nice day myself,spent the morning with my mum and her boyfriend Dan then went to visit my grandma, grandad, uncle and great grandma in a village nearby. It was really nice to see them all and have a good catch up while exchanging gifts. I then went to my sister and her boyfriend's house for Christmas dinner along with my mum and then came home in time to see the Christmas tv specials and chill out for the night!

Cheeky Christmas Day Selfie, oops
At teatime on the 27th I got picked up by my stepmum Julie to take me to her and my dad's cottage in Cornwall. It was a long drive and we arrived at about 10.30pm in the village. It was really cute and we had a drink before heading home to the cottage. While there I opened my Christmas presents from them and chilled out for a bit before heading to bed. Some of the gifts I received will feature in upcoming posts,for example I got 4 good books; The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks, Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks, The Great Gatsby and The Book Thief so will be doing some book reviews in the near future.
This is the beach in the village where my Parents' live.

I was only in Cornwall for 3 days in the end as my trip ended up being shorter than expected but while I was there I still saw a lot of amazing views and took some lovely photos to share with you guys. On my last day Julie and I went for a walk which was about 10 miles in total. We walked from the village where they live to a local town about 4 miles away via a woodland style trail and jumped in muddy puddles pretty much all the way (I'm very rebellious don't you know!) which was a good laugh. We stopped in the town,had a drink then made our way back to the village by a very hilly coastal path. It was so slippy and with steep steps anyway it was pretty challenging and I ended up bum-shuffling down the downhill parts. I was hilarious with us both slipping all over the place but the last up hill part was the real killer,all worth it for the views and of course we had to take some selfies once we reached the top just to prove we got there!;)
This is the view from the Coastal Path.
Julie looking lovely, me however a little windswept. 

Finally I'm really sorry for the lateness of this post, I've had it drafted since the 2nd! I finally had my internet set up this evening so expect a load of posts coming up to make up for it. Also since moving house I've started lots of DIY projects so I could do some how to DIY posts? As I said I will be writing some book reviews in the near future and my Music picks will be returning and some Beauty inspired posts to so watch out! Thankyou for everything and continue to comment etc, I have also added my e-mail to the bottom too so you can contact me directly if you so wish to!
Georgie xx

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