Wednesday, 3 June 2015

My Last Day at School

It's been almost a month since I officially 'left school' for study leave and honestly it's the strangest thing! The last day was actually surprisingly good with the classic slideshow of embarrassing photos shown by our head of year and the obligatory shirt signing. So I thought I'd share a few of my photos from the day with you!

(Classic unflattering group photo) 

(With Corey aka Ginge) 

(My Maths crew, Matt and Toby)

(With Jon, practically my science tutor)

(Leaver hoodie shot with the girlies)

(With Tara, from my Primary School) 

(Bestfriend Beth and I with our German Teacher Smaley)

(Will, Bradders and I)

(Most of our Year picture, taken by our tutor)

I'm currently about half way through my exams and am definitely looking forward to a two month summer and getting my blog back on track, thank you for those who are still reading, it means heaps to me! Wishing you all good luck in any exams you may be doing at the moment.

Georgie xx

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

feeling all nostalgic...

As this is my last year at Secondary School we have just weeks left at school when we are back from Easter Break before study leave, and it's safe to say everyone is feeling a little apprehensive about the future. As our school doesn't have a sixth form it means everyone kind of splits up, going to various colleges and sixth forms in the area around us, meaning that it's pretty rare that more than a handful of people end up going to the same place, even rarer still that you end up in any of the same classes. So on the most part it's nearing the time to say goodbye to the majority of the people I've grown up with over the past 5 years and as part of school tradition people each make a leavers book, full of pictures, memories and notes from the people we're parting with. So I thought I'd sit here and revel in nostalgia, sharing with you some pictures of my very best memories from school.

Taken in Year 8 in the 'cage' in our Lower School Uniform, (me on the left) with my friend Hannah, for some reason we thought we were hilarious swapping coats and bags and got someone to take a photo of it!

Taken at my house for my 12th Birthday with Sophie, who is still now one of my very best friends and the person who gave me the confidence to start dancing again. Strange to think how much we've both changed yet we're still so close.

Taken in the Summer of Year 9 at Char's garden party, these today are still my girls, although we all look so different now! This was one of the best memories I have of us all together, from the overly frisky dog that pestered everyone all night to roasting marshmallows round the fire, this was such a lovely evening.

From We Will Rock You Production last year, spent months rehearsing with this bunch and became so close with them (especially sharing a tiny dressing room too). Really strange that none of them will be at my college in September especially with Ci moving away after winning a scholarship for a pretty prestigious music school. Still I couldn't be prouder of this lot, even though we're all going our seperate ways.

This was taken in Ypres, Belgium in Year 9 after being snowed in at our hostel. This was one of the first times I had properly stayed away from home and these two were my always by my side. I remember being sat on a bunk bed with these two and a pack of crunchies and having such a laugh, knocking the snow off the window ledges onto the people below.

From the last week of Year 10, when we had all just found out that we'd been accepted as prefects and were so excited to be grown up Year 11's with prefect ties! The weather this day was so beautiful, one of the rare real summer days we get in England. But staying classy as ever this was taken by the recycling bins, good one girls.

Taken at Frankie's and Benny's at Gatwick before flying to Germany last year (the trip I'll probably talk about forever). We were all so excited to be flying with school and although we were friends before the trip it brought us all so much closer together, these three are still some of my closest friends now, even though we aren't in the same friendship group.

So there's a little snapshot into my last 5 years at my Secondary School, it's weird reminiscing and realising that out of all the different people in these photos only two of them are going to my college. It definitely makes me question my decision to go to a college 20 miles away but at the same time I'm so excited to begin a new chapter in my life dealing only with the subjects I love. How was your experience starting college or sixth form? Or are you looking forward to it if you aren't there already? 

Georgie xx

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

NOTD: Collection Work the Colour// Peacock Green

As it's Easter Holidays at the moment (woo!) it means I can finally paint my nails again and I found this gorgeous colour lurking at the back of my drawer. I was luck enough to receive this last summer as part of a beauty box swap and I am in love with it! It's a pretty blue tone-green with an iridescent shimmer, funnily enough it's like the exact colour of peacock feathers! I applied 3 coats of this and made sure it was completely dry before doing anything as it is one of those polishes that stays tacky for ages which means it's prone to smudging. Other than that it lasts pretty long with minimal chipping and at only £1.99 I'll be sure to purchase others in the range too!

I know I've been absent for a while and this is only a short post but I'm in the process of working on a load of things again so watch this space and thankyou for being patient with me!

What's your favourite nail colour at the moment?

Georgie xx