Thursday, 30 October 2014

Throwback Thursday// The 1975 Concert

This time last month my friend Hannah and I were at Alexandra Palace, London to see The 1975. It was most definitely one of the best concerts I've been to, and as quite an intimate venue full of genuine fans the atmosphere was amazing. First were the two support acts, Y.O.U who we only managed to see very little of due to a very long toilet queue and the obligatory purchase of a tour T-shirt and then Circa Waves who really got the crowd going. Later The 1975 came on accompanied by the shrill cheering of thousands in adoration of such an incredibly talented band.

The simplicity of the staging meant the full focus was on the music which was genuinely amazing. Matty's voice live is undeniable, certain songs such as fallingforyou and Sex really showcased that and with his almost egotistical stage presence he definitely had everyone captivated. Personally I'd say Settle Down and Chocolate were the real stand out moments in terms of crowd participation, everyone singing and jumping was just incredible. As typical of a band they went off and came back on in an encore type of way, which provoked a surge forward meaning we ended up really close to the stage for the last few songs. Hence the much closer picture of Matt healy below (which I'm pretty proud of to be honest!).

Though I'd say the most poignant part of the night was the one that nobody really captured and that was when they performed 'Me'. Matt asked that everyone put down their phones and just take in the atmosphere as he said that most people at the concert would of only really seen The 1975 through a screen before. He then told everyone in a sort of comical fashion to" Shut the F**k Up" as this one was about him. It was such an amazing moment and in the instrumental part he got everyone to put their lights, phones, lighters in the air to light the place up. Looking behind you to take in a sea of people. swaying lazily, so enchanted by the music was truly breathtaking. Overall it was an extraordinary concert and such a good night, honestly you have not heard The 1975 properly until you have seen them live. I would certainly go see them again when they return to the UK as it was so so worth it.

So a month on, here I am writing this post, reminiscing, reflecting on this concert while lazily listening to The 1975 on repeat from the comfort of my home in my favourite pyjamas. Have you been to any concerts? Did you enjoy them?

Georgie xx

Monday, 20 October 2014

Revision Playlist

I've been revising constantly the last couple days ready for my German speaking exam tomorrow, eek! Here's my playlist of songs for revision at the moment-complete with a picture I took of the skyline when I was in Berlin.

Sweater Weather- The Neighbourhood// Autumn classic, really into The Neighbourhood recently and even though it's a more well known one of their's, it's still a classic.

fallingforyou- The 1975 // I absolutely fell in love with this song after hearing it live when I watched the 1975 recently. Though not as good as it was live, it's still a decent listen.

When The Sun Goes Down- Arctic Monkeys // An oldie but still a class tune, could listen to this song on repeat and still not get bored of it.

Full Circle- Half Moon Run// Such a good song, so easy to listen to, I just love the sound of the whole song and I'm really liking Half Moon Run at the moment.

Rollercoaster- Bleachers// Heard this song for the first time in the summer and recently heard it on MIC, such a good chill out song.

I Miss You - Blink 182// You can't beat a bit of Blink 182 and this will forever be one of my favourites by them, such a quality song.

Luna- Bombay Bicycle Club// Have been into Bombay Bicycle Club for years and there's denying this is such a lush chilled out song by them.

Teenage Icon- The Vaccines// Nothing like singing along to this while doing a bit of revision, yet again another amazing song by The Vaccines.

So Long- Circa Waves// These were one of the support acts for The 1975 and I was really impressed by them, definitely would see them again and this song was amazing live.

The Sea- Swim Deep// Swim Deep are always a good choice, especially when doing revision, love this song even though it's not overly well known.

There's my revision playlist! With half term this week I'm going to be posting a lot more, so watch out for that, thankyou for your continued support.

Georgie xx

Thursday, 16 October 2014

So I've been away for a bit...

As you may have noticed I've been somewhat absent from the blogging world for almost a month and a half, and granted I've never been a really consistent blogger but I also haven't had a period of time this long away from blogging and I thought I owe it to you all to explain why just
 a little.

So the last month, well almost two months really have been pretty hectic, starting in the summer with my cousin going into hospital, he fell very ill and him being so poorly definitely took it's toll on my family. I've never seen such a strong group of people so devastated nor have I ever been so frightened myself. Luckily last week or so he finally came home after almost two months seriously ill and in intensive care, though he's still got still got a long way to go, he is on the way to recovery. Even though we aren't as close as we were it still affected me a lot.

Then there was back to school and I don't think anything could of prepared me for the transition into year 11. Suddenly all teachers were talking about controlled assessment deadlines, predicted grades, exams and revision sessions. How I should be organising my time, how I should be getting all A's, how I should be doing this, how I should be doing that. And already it's all too much, I've been suffering from headaches for months prior to Year 11 and then within the first week of school I started having panic attacks, seemingly out of the blue. They seemed to come on even when everything was under control and though I'd had them a few times last year these were certainly much worse, I've also had trouble sleeping for months which obviously isn't helpful either.

So my Mum took me to the doctors, who then diagnosed my headaches as migraines, for which she gave me medication and put my panic attacks down to a type of anxiety disorder. She also took my blood pressure, which was a little too high, again she said it could of been because of my anxiety about going to the doctors, but as a precaution I need to have my blood pressure taken every week for the next month or so. She also explained that the medication for my headaches are used for anxiety disorder and as antidepressants. Naturally the word antidepressant made me freak out, the thought of being on medication scared me even more so.

 Now I'm definitely a worrier and not an overly confident person but I never thought that I would have anxiety or be attached to the negative stigma that surrounds it. When people talk about anxiety they never tend to talk positively or be very upbeat about it, it's difficult for a lot of people to understand and also very difficult to deal with. So I looked out into the YouTube and blogging community to try and find some things that may help people or at least help people to understand.

Zoella- Dealing with Panic Attacks and Anxiety
OCD & Anxiety Disorder- Crash Course
Zoella- Anxiety Q&A
Tanya Burr- Anxiety and Thinking Positive
Coping with Anxiety and Panic Attacks
Anxiety- There is Hope

So this week is my first week of medication, and obviously I'm apprehensive, but I just thought I'd share where I'm at with you all and apologise for my lack of posts recently. Again I'm always here for any of you that need a chat, stay strong, keep smiling.

Much Love
Georgie xx