Sunday, 15 December 2013

Winter's Coming: Christmas Present Shopping

Hello! So today's post as promised is a Christmas shopping/ present guide thingy, although it won't be much help for ideas or as a guide to many people unless you've left your Christmas shopping even later than mine! So really it's just a chance for you to have a nosey at what I've bought for people! I've bought these in my local shopping town and in Cardiff when I went there but it's all pretty much available in most stores of the same chain. Any presents I have bought online aren't featured in this sorry!

So the first thing I bought was a 'Champney's Sports Therapy Gym Ready Kit For Men' set (£14) as one of my item's in the boots 3 for 2 offer. So I wanted to get something kind of toiletries related for this person and it has to be something from a recognisable brand with him! I've used some of the women's Champney's toiletries myself and have always found them to be really good and nicely scented. This set includes a hair&body wash, an antiperspirant, a gym towel (not much bigger than a flannel if I'm honest) and a folding water bottle,I thought this would be perfect for this person considering he's been saying for ages that he is going to go to the gym! The packaging too is really nice and simplistic, but if you get this be careful the lid comes off really easily!

The next thing I got was 'Soap and Glory Bright and Bubbly' (£10) set, yes good old soap and glory, pretty much a favourite with everybody and anybody.This particular set includes the classic items: Clean on Me shower gel, The Righteous Butter body butter, The Scrub Of Your Life body buffer, Hand food hand cream and a Shower Puff. I love the hand cream personally and have tried many of the soap and glory products (I recommend mist me madly) so definitely had no doubts in picking up this set. this was also part of the 3 for 2 in boots as well. The packaging is classic soap and glory pink but the box itself is red. The box is really cute and has like candy cane style stripes and is something you could use again afterwards.

The next item I got as my 'free' gift in the boots 3 for 2 was a Ted Baker Box (should of been £10). I honestly bought this completely from looking at the packaging with no idea at all what was inside, I know that sounds really stupid but no matter how many aisles of 3 for 2 I went down I kept coming back to this box. The packaging completely caught my eye and I thought it was so cute and pretty and I guess the fact I bought it not knowing what was inside just because I liked the box really shows the power good packaging can have on a potential buyer haha or just idiots like me who like pretty colours! I have looked since I've got home and this box contains: Body Wash, Body Souffle,Bath Foam and Body spray, all in mini form with cute bottles! And it comes with pretty tissue paper too!

The next thing I bought was the most expensive single item and it was the Benefit Make-up 'Let's Make Lovely' set which includes mini versions of classic Benefit best-selling products: They're Real mascara, Porefessional -pore primer thingy, It's Potent eye cream and hoola bronzing powder. I got this as it includes a good range of products that I have personally tried so I know that they are good quality and are versatile. I chose this set in particular (with the help of the benefit counter lady) as I thought that these were the products that my gift-receiver would like best and would actually get used. I was still on a budget and thought getting this set of minis would be nicer than just one product from Benefit. I paid £19.50 for this set a couple weeks ago but it is now reduced down to £15.60 -.- 

The next thing I bought was in Superdrug, I bought 
this make-up collection kit as it it's one of those sets that has what you need to create a certain look. This one is 'Studio London Pretty Natural' and has some really pretty colours in it,you can't seem them that well in the pictures but they are really lovely and still quite subtle. It has a blush and highlighter kit which has a really pretty girl pink colour in it and a set of 3 eye shadows all in different but still neutral colours. The friend I bought this for is a bit of a make-up lover so hopefully this will go down pretty well. I have also used Studio sets before so know that they
 are of decent quality rather than some of the bog-
standard cheap crappy sets I have previous encountered.
 Also this was reduced down from £13 pounds down 
to £5 so is a bit of a steal too!

Okay so these are the last few things I purchased and all of them are from H&M, first a beauty blender style make-up sponge- my friend has been going on about wanting this for ages! So I bought it for her to shut her up ;-) it was only £1.99 so inexpensive compared to others, I have no idea on the quality though! The next thing I bought was a cute make-up pouch in a polka dot print pattern, this is such a good size and would be perfect to pop in your handbag or schoolbag with your make-up essentials in! It's plastic too so means you can wipe it clean if something spills in it and has a normal zip on it for safe keeping, again this was £1.99 so a really affordable gift that you could fill with goodies! Last thing I bought was this really cute silver glitter Iphone 4 case, I absolutely love this and would have got
 one for myself too if I had an Iphone! But yeah it's really 
pretty and glam and was only £3.99, much cheaper than
 many Iphone cases you get at some stores!

So that is my present guide, sorry it's a bit late but I have been extremely busy packing and sorting as I finally move house on Friday! I know, only 5 days before Christmas eek! Anyway as normal any comments, suggestions or feedback are welcome. Hope you are all feeling festive and jolly!
Georgie xx

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Friday, 13 December 2013

Music Picks: My top ten this week

Hey my lovelies, so here is my top ten song picks this week, I've kind of given up on the tunes on Tuesday thing as I have realised Tuesday is one of my busiest days and it just isn't realistic aiming to post every Tuesday especially with all my homework on top of clubs etc,sorry! So I'll just post my top ten favourite tracks of the moment now and again! My music taste is really varied and this week's picks are a variety of new and old songs,hope you enjoy them :D

Birdy- Wings (Link Here) I'm a long time lover of Birdy and got listening to this song from a friend covering it on piano at a lunch time a few weeks ago :-) I really like this song it's just chilled out and a bit less serious than some of her older stuff, I have no idea what the video is about though. Bit of a different sound to her first album but still really good.

Pia Mia- Red Love (Link Here) Pia Mia probably best known as bestfriend to Kylie Jenner or for covering 'Hold on we're going home' over dinner with Kanye West and Drake. Not really credited for her own music enough, love this song and also 'Shotgun Love'. She has such a lovely voice and this song is so good, hard to believe she's only 17, it seems a lot more grown up than that.

Luke Friend- Basically Older (Link Here) So if you are from the UK you'll probably know who Luke Friend is as he is currently on the UK Xfactor and is in the final tomorrow (fingers crossed for him!). I completely love him, his unique voice, his guitar playing, even his hair (considering I was practically his twin Wednesday morning). This song is one of his original's and it is my overall favourite song at the moment, the lyrics are so honest and I love the fact that it is live, it's so raw and organic sounding. 

Cat Power- Sea of Love (Link Here) One of my faveee songs from the soundtrack of my faveee film ever Juno, it's played in a sad part of the movie and therefore one of my sad songs to listen to but I still love it. Really nice and chilled out and she has such an unusual voice, definitely listen to this and watch Juno , it's literally so so good!

Gabriella Cilmi- Warm this Winter (Link Here) I had to throw a christmassy song in there somewhere and even though it's one of the more recent christmas tunes I still prefer it over a lot of the older ones. I love Gabriella Cilmi anyway and her voice is lush, bit annoyed they used this for the co-op advert though -.- 

The 1975- Sex (Link Here) I've only recently discovered The 1975 but already I love their music and I love this song as it's pretty catchy and I like the guitar in it. The lyrics are kind of inappropriate but it's one of those songs where you don't really listen to the the lyrics more just the music. The only lyric I remember from it is the she's got a boyfriend anyway bit and that's probably only because it's repeated a lot! 

Chris Brown ft Kevin McCall- Strip (Link Here) I know what you are thinking, a song called sex and strip in one set of picks, I know it's all a bit cheeky but I can assure you it's not intended on purpose! I love this song to jam to and I am quite a fan of Chris Brown's music. I actually know a dance routine to this song (if you know me well you know how hilarious that is) so I love dancing about to it, no not in that way.

Passenger- The Last Unicorn (Link Here) Another Passenger song to feature in my picks, I love passenger so much, he is one of my favourite artists going. this song is a much older one of his but it's so good and tells a story. I first found this song purely because of the title even though it's pretty unrelated. Really nice acoustic song, but with kind of a sad theme to it.

Lana Del Rey - This Is What Makes Us Girls (Link Here) This song has been one of the most played on my Ipod for over a year, one of my favourite songs off Born to Die, highly recommend the whole album. I personally love Lana as a fashion icon as well as a singer and love how she incorporates ideas from different generations and genres in both her music and style.

Katy Perry- Thinking of You (Link here) Such an old song now, off her first album, One of the Boys. I found this on one of my old playlists on my Ipod and fell in love with it all over again. I love the whole idea of it and the honesty in the lyrics. I do still like Katy Perry but feel that some of her songs are over produced and edited now and don't show off her lovely voice like this one and some of the older ones do. 

That was my music picks, I hope you enjoyed them, thanks for reading! Please comment any suggestions or feedback and follow if you want :-) Tomorrow or Sunday I am hoping to get my Christmas Gift guide/selection thing online as I am going Christmas shopping again tomorrow and will have pictures and ideas up then! I have lots of posts planned for the following week and will try to fit them around moving house,which I do next Friday, 5 days before Christmas eek!
Georgie xx

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Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Winters coming! General Update :D

Hey everyone! Just thought I'd do a random post - like a little update of everything that is going on around me at the moment,it's all a bit crazy and I've been pretty bogged down with school work. I'm pretty sad to say that after all my best efforts and constant revising I think I failed my maths test as the two topics I missed last week and couldn't catch up on in time came up on the 6 mark questions oops. But I think I'm pretty clued up ready for my German listening and reading assessment tomorrow so hopefully will redeem myself- I also got back my french result which by some miracle I managed to get an A in after waffling on endlessly.

On Friday I had academic review which is basically a day off school where you go in for 10 minutes to talk to your tutor to set your targets for the year. But for some reason my appointment was with the deputy headteacher (scary!!) but she was lovely and now my mum thinks I'm some kind of angelic model pupil! So all in all pretty good!I had a pretty mad weekend busy packing, and with no football match to play Saturday :-( it meant mum could allocate my day entirely to boxing things up waheyyy. Honestly moving is sooooo stressful! I'm excited for going to a new place and designing my new room (any ideas are welcome!) but also pretty sad to be leaving the house I've lived in since I was lickle :-(
(my dining room now, sad Georgie) 

On a happier note, yesterday my mama bought the best thing ever like literally the best thing since sliced bread! Like literally I couldn't believe they even did these,I have never seen them anywhere before and mum just came home from shopping with them! wait for it,wait for it, it was..... 
Yes, read it and weep, STRAWBERRY PUFFS! omg I was literally so excited arghhh! I've never liked honey/sugar puffs but I looooove anything strawberry so I was such a happy girly! So I had them for brekkie this morning and they weren't quite as nice as I was expecting (but I was expecting clouds and rainbows) so I kinda let myself in for the fall. Then when I told my friend Beth about them today she told me that they've done them in Tesco's for ages but hey ho I was happy enough!

I did tell you that this post was going to be random but I thought I'd just add a post and photo of the jumper I was trying to explain in my previous post about my weekend away to Cardiff. Basically I know what it is called alot better now so thought I'd tell you haha! It's a mocha colour eyelash jumper and after wearing it at the weekend I've found that it is soooo soft and comfy and all cosy! It isn't at all scratchy or uncomfortable which I was worried about and its just a loose kind of oversize fit, perfect for winter nights! At £15 in Select it was cheaper than some of the other eyelash jumpers I have seen and I've been really impressed with the quality. In the shop they also had some crop versions of the jumper that were just as soft and they also had the same as mine in burgundy red wine colour and a really nice baby pink colour (which I wish I had got as well!)

So sorry for the crappy quality selfie of my jumper but it was the best I could do with the iPad as my camera, tripod and lead is all packed up already. It looks a slightly different kind of colour in this picture but I promise you it is really nice and as you can kind of see in this picture,goes well and is super cosy with leggings!So that was a general update,sorry it was such a mish-mash of random things but I felt I needed to talk about some things. I will try to keeping posting just as regularly but I can't promise anything as everything is so crazyyyyy at the moment but I will definitely be posting at least once every ten days and am considering starting to do some youtube videos after Christmas, vlogs,hauls,reviews that type of thing, let me know what you think? also thank you to my new followers and to everyone for all the views recently!
Georgie xx 

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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Revision tips: Test Season

Hello my lovelies, so I thought I'd do a quick post on revision tips while taking a break from my maths test revision. Unfortunately it's not just festive season but also test season,only term test's but still ones that go on your record or get marked down so for me they still matter. Plus they are a good indication of what you know etc. Tonight I've been revising like mad as I have a maths test on Monday so thought I'd share with you some of my revision tips and tricks that work for me. Just don't leave it all to last minute!

My first tip would be to look through your maths book. See what you know confidently and what you don't, mark pages that have topics on that you need to revise thoroughly with a post-it note tab,mine are purple as you can see. Then if there is anything you are completely stuck on how to do or really don't understand, mark with another colour-mine are yellow.These topics I will go see my teacher about or do an online lesson on. Obviously read through topics you are confident on still, just to refresh your memory but you probably won't need to concentrate your revision on them.

Next is probably one of the most popular forms of revision,making cue cards. I personally do use cue cards a lot but I try my best to make each topic a different colour or to make them visually pleasing so I will be encouraged to read them through properly. I recommend doing a set for each topic and quizzing yourself on any rules or theories to go with each one,with maybe the answer on the back. With any particular formulae you have to remember it is good to write them on post-it notes or cute paper then stick them somewhere you see often. I often stick them by my bed or on the fridge;)

My final tip is to go through old test papers and do practice questions (yawn yawn I know) but honestly there is nothing better to prepare you than doing ex paper questions or exam style problems. At my school we get given all our old paper's back with any wrong answers corrected in a different colour with workings so we can revise from them and have examples of each style question. If you can do this or have old papers to look at - it can be really helpful and you can spot your own mistakes. I suggest leaving plenty of time to revise and still treat it as a test but DON'T stress out about it,if you've put in the work there is not muvh else you can do! (to the right one of my test paper answer's with many mistakes on it oops)

Finally make sure you take regular breaks and spend time checking all your method's and working's or reason's, chill out, kick back and make sure you keep yourself fed and hydrated (although cookie crumbs on your revision cards are not recommended) and just keep positive about it! You can get that A grade or high percentage and if not- well you can always aim for it next time! (practically choking at my own cringyness there,sorry guys)
 (last tip: a nice cuppa tea always helps, one sugar please)

So that was my revision tip's post sorry if it was boring but it had to be done! Don't forget you can use these tips on any subject,just change them to fit what you need to know and around your learning. I probably won't be posting for a few days (maybe Friday as I have academic review day) because life is pretty hectic at the moment due to house moving :-) But anyway good luck to all you lot doing test's or exam's I'm sure you'll ace them all mwah! 
Georgie xx 

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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Winter's coming: weekend away winter wonderland

Hi everyone so I thought I'd try and do 2 posts today as I'm not sure how often I will be able to post in the next couple weeks as I have revision for the pre christmas tests and coursework to be doing but will try my best! 

So at the weekend I went away to Cardiff with my Mum, her boyfriend (Dan) and one of my bestfriend's Dulcie. I can honestly say it was the best weekend I've had in absolute ages,we hit up the shops and visited Cardiff winter wonderland eek! Feeling christmassy at last! (even though it's only just December haha!)

Day 1: 
We took the couple hour car journey to Cardiff and plenty of songs later we arrived at our sweet little hotel. I literally felt like a 5 year old again as we walked in to find a giant pretty Christmas tree in the lobby and from then on I was pretty excited! Me and Dulcie were so excited to have our own twin room just down the corridor from my mum ,we felt pretty grown up ;) We got changed and headed out to the winter wonderland,ate a bratwurst at the German market and booked our open air iceskating tickets for later on. We then headed into Cardiff city centre to check out the loads of little Christmas market stalls and have a look round the shops. It was pretty tiring and we stopped at Starbuck's for a quick drink and had a hot chocolate in the lovely festive little take-away cups they have arghhh! 

We then had turkey stuffing rolls for tea from one of the cute Crimbo markets and headed back to the winter wonderland ready for ice skating! Then me and Dan decided that we'd be all brave and that and go on the chairoplanes that went 60metres in the air at the wonderland. Omg I don't think I've ever been so scared and considering that I'm pretty scared of heights it probably wasn't the best idea ever but in the queue there was no turning back, I got on the ride and almost cried, it was so scary and bloody freezing,glad I did it though! Then we went to the rink and skated for an hour, Dulcie was consierably better than me but I still got round,even if I did plough a few people down in the process! We even got chatting to some lovely welsh boys who taught us their accent and we taught them ours (they think we only say ever say 'combine harvester' and 'tractor' which I really didn't understand). Then headed back to the hotel to watch I'm a celeb and Match of the Day (what can I say I'm a football girl) in our onesies! 

(I'm the elephant!) 

Day 2: 
A day of shopping and Christmas present buying and it wasn't the most successful it could of been considering I ended up buying more things for myself;) But I got mama's present sorted when we went off adventuring so that's one person down! It was great having soooooo many different shops to go in compared to my local shopping available in town and I bought the cutest, softest mocha colour fuzzy jumper, it sounds pretty icky but honestly it's so nice on especially with dark wash jeans and lace up boots! I also treated myself to a few cd's (expect the songs to feature on my music pick's, I know it's supposed to be today sowwy if it isn't) as I thought I needed to get a bit more up to date haha! Then we found the most amazing muffin and coffee store called BB's muffins, we got a muffin each in one of their super cute takeaway boxes- I had salted caramel flavour and Dulcie had raspberry white choc, literally the best brunch I've ever had!

OOTD on day 2 for me (top left pic,left person): White 'meow' slogan tee- Forever 21, Black full length leggings-H&M, Green \hooded Parka- Internacionale, Black Frilly socks- Topshop, Blue Flowery Castel Dr Martens- Dr Martens @Schuh. 
OOTD on day 2 for Dulcie (top left pic,right person): White 'oh crepe' slogan tee- H&M, Black full length leggings- H&M (I think?), Dark Blue and Green Check Flannel Shirt (mine) ;)- Jack Wills, Pink Frilly ankle socks- Topshop, White low converse- Converse.

We met back up with Mum and Dan and headed for a last look round the city and went to all the little arcades (If you go to Cardiff go to them!) full of the nicest vintage shops,and quirky little trinket shops. Also down one of them we found elf store (eyes lips face not the Christmas type) and I bought their Complexion brush ( highly recommend it!) and the flawless finish foundation which I've been using the last couple days and love so far, I might put them in a Make-up/beauty product review I'm planning for a couple weeks time! After that we got a crepe each from one of the Crimbo food market stalls (very yummy) and had them on the steps into St David's Dewi Walk then headed home after a bright and brilliant weekend! 

(Excuse my face, I never open mouth smile for this reason but I thought I'd finish with a group selfie)

So this has probably been a long boring post if you've bothered to read this far haha, but I thought I'd share my weekend with you all! I've seen that recently I've been getting more views and followers since my blog has appeared on the teenage blogger central- thankyou! I'd love (and appreciate it loadsss!) if you share this blog around or tell your friends if you enjoy it, as I would love to have a wider audience or you comment/suggest any feedback or suggestions :-)
Georgie xx

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